1. How To Get Here
We recommend flying into Puerto Jimenez for roughly $80 to $120 one way.. Once you are here, use local taxis to get around the area for roughly $40 a trip. You can also rent a car with Solid, Alamo or Toyota Rent a Car and drive from SJO to PJ. (Approx. 7 hours drive time) or, rent one in PJ once you land. You will pay about $600 per week for 4x4 vehicle plus insurance... and NO you cannot get away with a 2 wheel drive. Our roads are rough! 

2. Are there bugs?
We bring repellent but encourage our guests to wait and apply it only when or if they really need it. Anytime you travel to the tropics, you should start a course of vitamin B1 It has Thiamine, which is distasteful to the mozzies.

3. Are we really going to get "muddied, bloodied, bruised and sweaty" like we've heard it said?
Yes and no. Our tours are tailored to fit our clients desires. You will be walking on uneven terrain and in water. Little nicks and bruises can occur... we call them "Osa tattoos." Our guides are certified in wilderness first responder, CPR, and basic high ropes and rescue.

2. Is there a fee for "just going along"?
If you are with us you are hiking and enjoying the tropical ecology shared en route to all activities (not to mention the wildlife). This outing is not for the meek. Hikers are charged $45 per person.