About us


Andy Pruter has lived on the Osa Peninsula since 1993 and has owned Everyday Adventures since 1994. Graduating with a B.S. in Wildlife Biology from Humboldt State University, he worked in Northern California for a Marine Laboratory under contract to the Surfrider Foundation and later for the US Forest Service surveying planned timber harvests for the presence of threatened and endangered species. 

Andy has 2 children Talon and Cayenne, from a previous marriage and has created a real life jungle gym on the Sueño Verde property in Matapalo.  Surfing and wildlife are big components in both their lives and Talon assists on some tours earning guide wages while Cayenne is still in training. Everyday Adventures is shuttered during the rains, August-November, so they can be together in Northern California where the kids go to school.

Tours start and end at the beachside compound where we gear up and explain the days activities. Oftentimes, when families are slated for a tour, one of the guides will engage the kids in an assortment of attractions there. A 50' swing and 100' zipline can entertain youngsters well beyond the scheduled days events. A basketball hoop, ping pong table and horseshoe pit are also available for use.

Where everyday is a holiday, and every meal is a feast.
Obsidian Falls, Southern Oregon

Obsidian Falls, Southern Oregon